Dental Savings Plan in Las Vegas

$479/Year Dental Membership Plan

Get the dental care you need at costs you can afford with our in-house membership plan! For just $479 a year, you can save on the preventive, periodontal, and emergency care you need. Each adult membership costs just $479/year (a $949 value)!

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At Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, we're dedicated to honest, transparent pricing, so that no patient ever has to forgo the care they need due to financial reasons. For our patients who are uninsured or need extra help covering the costs of their dental care, we've created an in-house dental savings plan, designed to provide discounts on a long list of our quality services. This plan is a private, in-house savings plan and is only valid at our office!

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In exchange for your membership fee, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas will provide the following services and discounts during the term of your agreement:

  • 2 professional preventative dental cleanings per year
  • 1 doctor examination per year
  • 1 complete digital x-ray series per year
  • Advanced oral cancer screening (1 per year or as needed based on risk)
  • 1 emergency with necessary x-rays per year
  • 15% savings on periodontal procedures and periodontal maintenance hygiene visits (visits 2 & 4 annually)
  • 10% savings on restorative dentistry (includes dental implants)

*Excludes cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, including clear aligner therapy (Invisalign).

How Much Does the Savings Plan Cost?

Your membership fee is payable in full at the time of enrollment in our dental savings plan at Stunning Smiles. The membership fee is non-refundable. For an adult patient, the membership fee is one payment of $479 per year (a $949 value)!

Stunning Smiles Dental Savings Membership Plan Is Not Insurance

Membership in our dental savings program is not dental or medical insurance. Our Stunning Smiles Membership Plan is strictly a discount plan with our Las Vegas dental practice, and may NOT be used in conjunction with or as a supplement to the patient’s dental insurance benefits.

Exclusions & Limitations

Membership Plan cannot be used for referrals to specialists, for treatment which in the sole opinion of our doctor(s) lies outside the realm of their capability, for hospitalizations or hospital charges of any kind, for service of injuries covered under workers’ compensation, and for costs of dental related to automobile medical. This plan is only honored at Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas and cannot be used at any other office.

Periodontal Patients

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The standard of care at Stunning Smiles for periodontal patients includes initial treatment via in-house periodontal therapy, followed by a maintenance program which consists of Periodontal Maintenance Hygiene Visits scheduled every 3 months (4x per year) indefinitely.

Patients who are on the dental savings membership plan and have been diagnosed as a Periodontal Patient must complete Periodontal Therapy, and then can use the 2 hygiene visits included in Membership Plan as visit #1 and visit #3 in their yearly Periodontal Maintenance Program.

Visit #2 and #4 will be Periodontal Maintenance visits (ADA code 4910), and the can use the 15% Periodontal Discount included in Membership Plan toward that service.

Terms & Conditions

Your dental savings membership agreement begins as of the effective date, and is in effect for one (1) year from the effective date of your agreement (the “Membership Term”), which will automatically renew for successive periods of one (1) year, each of which shall be considered a term and which shall automatically renew unless otherwise terminated as specified by the patient.

Membership Program Discounts

Your Membership Program discount may not be combined with other offers, promotions, or discounts, nor applied to contracted or negotiated rates with insurance plans under which the patient may be covered, or for insurance plans for which our practice may be a contracted provider.

Scheduling Appointments

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Each patient is solely responsible for scheduling and keeping preventative hygiene visits, periodontal maintenance visits, and any other appointments within the Membership Term year. No refunds will be given for unused hygiene or other appointments not used during the Membership Term, and unused appointments are not carried over into future Membership Terms.

Learn More About In-House Dental Savings in Las Vegas

Our in-house dental membership plan was designed with our patients in mind! If you're ready to save on your dental care, call today to learn more about dental savings with Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas!

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