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Custom-made clear aligners
that are virtually invisible

Fewer office visits

Up to 2X faster results

No unnecessary pain

Easy insert & removal

Flexible pricing options

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Improve smile image

Do you want to
improve your smile?

Get all your questions answered for FREE
in 3 easy steps without leaving your home:


Upload a smile selfie


Tell us what you’re
hoping to achieve


Receive your personalized
consultation video from
Dr. Racanelli

You want to correct your
teeth but you really don’t
want braces

We all want an attractive smile but the thought of a mouthful of metal braces sounds intimidating. Invisalign® is a non-invasive and aesthetically pleasing clear aligner that’s virtually invisible. In the right hands, Invisalign® can treat the most simple cases to the most complex. Patients say they could notice their teeth moving and straightening on the very first day! It’s the transformation you want without interruption.

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Invisalign® precisely moves
your teeth to your best smile

  • Eat foods without worrying
  • Play sports without broken wires
  • Same cost as braces or less
  • Fits snugly over your teeth
  • Virtually invisible to the eye
  • Smile with endless confidence

(702) 736-0016

Get your Million-dollar
smile without the price tag


Call us to schedule a free oral


View a digital simulation of
your future smile


Your custom aligners will
help you see results 2X faster

(702) 736-0016

Hear from our
happy mouths

“I used to hate my teeth so I got Invisalign. I love how wonderful my teeth are now! My whole family comes to Stunning Smiles and I couldn’t be happier with them.”


“I absolutely loved my Invisalign treatment. It was everything I wanted. Dr. Racanelli whitened and perfected my teeth!”


I just finished my Invisalign treatment at Stunning Smiles and it’s been an amazing experience. The staff and Dr. Racanelli was with me every step of the way and I can’t imagine a better place to go.


Companies that sell online
aligners aren’t safe

Undergoing a complex medical procedure like aligner therapy without the in-person supervision of a professional dentist can involve a ton of risk. A proper diagnosis doesn’t happen in three clicks because there’s more to treating a smile than just moving visible portions of your teeth. An attractive smile is an investment in yourself and your health! We highly recommend that you visit or call our office to learn about Invisalign – the best and most trusted aligner.

(702) 736-0016

We’ll do everything we can to
help you get priceless results

At Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, we offer several flexible payment options including low or no interest third party financing and work with most dental insurance benefit plans. Our treatment coordinator will help you fit the investment of your new smile comfortably into your budget. Call or contact us to discuss how easy it is to afford your new smile.

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