Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Stunning Smile

November 6, 2020

With the challenges of homeschooling, Zoom meetings, and the never-ending news cycle we all need a little pick-me-up. And there is no better way to feel better than a little self-care. So if you want to reinvigorate your appearance and your confidence, Stunning Smiles has you covered!

You’re invited to treat yourself to a brand new, beautiful smile.


During the week of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday we’re offering Invisalign specials for our patients.

Invisalign is a subtle yet effective treatment option for people with issues ranging from slight crowding, to painful TMJ. It is versatile, effective, and can take years off your appearance. And, the combination of straightening and whitening will deliver the smile of your dreams.

Schedule a slot and receive $500 off your treatment PLUS Invisalign retainers AND complimentary professional teeth whitening during treatment.

Grab one of our limited spots before it’s too late! Call today!

Self-Care Means a Straight Smile

Having a straight, white smile with Invisalign and professional teeth whitening is a fabulous way to make your unmasked reentrance. Taking the time now to care for yourself will improve your mood and help you feel good about yourself.

For most patients, Invisalign treatment takes less time to improve your smile than traditional braces. Many also enjoy the convenience they provide. There are no off-limits snacks or foods and no need to purchase new tooth cleaning tools.

Taking the time to care for yourself is invaluable. You deserve to look good and feel good. A smile that you love to share will brighten the day of everyone around you.

Some of the amazing things we hear from patients about their experience with Invisalign include:

Easy to wear

Eating and drinking normally is a breeze

Clear aligners are more comfortable than braces

The health of the teeth and gums improve

It is easier to brush and floss with straight teeth

The final result is amazing… I should have done this sooner!

If you are ready to join the many re-invigorated and smiling patients just like you that invested in themselves, we can’t wait to see you!

Remember, this special is only good during November, and we have limited spots available.

Signing up is easy! Call today to book your appointment!

Stunning Smiles

Stunning Smiles