what's the best way to whiten teethWhat’s The Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Having perfectly white teeth is much simpler now than ever before. Nowadays, many products and treatments will help you achieve those pearly whites you’ve been dreaming of.

A smile is something that people first notice about you, so don’t hide it just because your teeth aren’t entirely white, work on it and have teeth you are proud of.

Regular brushing, flossing your teeth and checkups or stain removing at your dentist’s office will go some way toward achieving whiter teeth. For a more significant result, you’ll need to choose an option that helps you remove the stains from your teeth enamel, such as in-office treatments or whitening kits. Remember that everyone’s teeth are different so the best way will be the one on which your teeth will most respond.

Teeth whitening is one of the least complicated procedures. You just have to know which one works for you and what to do to prevent your teeth from becoming dark.

There are many reasons why teeth darkening is happening. Teeth can be darkened by building up existing stains over some time, the tooth itself can become discolored, or the cause can be ageing, specific food, drinks or smoking. Certain people are genetically predisposed to have darker teeth.

Teeth whitening is the restoration of natural tooth color or whitening beyond that shade. The restoration of your natural teeth color is done by merely removing stains on the tooth surface, and it’s commonly called ‘polishing’. Whitening of the natural teeth shade is done by bleaching, and cosmetic dentists use many different techniques. These techniques include bleaching strips, bleaching gels and pens and laser tooth whitening.

Remember that teeth whitening isn’t permanent, your teeth yellow as you age and our lifestyle contributes a lot. Constant oral care, whitening toothpaste, a regular visit to your dentist and repetition of whitening treatments will help your teeth to stay brighter for a more extended period.

Here are some methods professional in the dental Industry swear by:

Professional Whitening in Office and Laser Whitening

Laser whitening can be the fastest option but is also the most expensive. You can see the results immediately, but they won’t last forever, and it can easily cost you up to 500 dollars per treatment.

In-office whitening requires many visits to your dentist and can cost in the long run. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, this may not be the best option for you. But if your teeth are not sensitive, and your schedule allows you to keep up with in-office treatments, then there is your answer what’s the best way to whiten teeth.

Teeth whitening products

There are a lot of products that can whiten teeth on and below the enamel. White strips can be bought in store or your dentist’s office, and they work relatively quickly, depending on the type. You can purchase as well, whitening toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Ingredients in these products are similar, but the concentration is what makes them more or less effective.  Whitening Kits are also a good choice if you’ve never whitened your teeth and don’t know where to start. Make sure that your gums are in good shape before starting any teeth whitening procedures.

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching

This is the newest and most effective teeth whitening system that has been developed. This procedure is not like your usual whitening procedure, it is the only whitening system that is proven to whiten even the darkest stained teeth, previously thought to be impossible for whitening. It is a comfortable procedure, and yet if you have sensitive gums, it won’t cause you a problem. It’s also 100% safe for your gums. The effects of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching are the only permanent solution.

This system works very simply. It requires you to wear whitening trays while sleeping. Those trays contain a tooth-whitening gel which is water based and that minimizes teeth sensitivity.  KöR Whitening trays are custom made to ensure a precise fit for every person and a maximum effect for every tooth. The secret of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system is using the high-quality materials, starting from how trays are fabricated to the best type of hydrogen peroxide gel that is used.

The whole KöR process can take up to two months. However, if you think about it, two months for permanently white teeth is no sacrifice at all. Try and you’ll see why it is called the best whitening system in the world.

Which Doctor Should You Visit For Your Kör Whitening Deep Bleaching Procedure?

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Call his office and find out about some more detailed information about the treatments, what’s the best way to whiten teeth, and your payment options. Whatever treatment you need, you’ll always be treated with care.

What You Should Consider Before You Start to Whiten Your Teeth

You should be aware that most of the teeth whitening options aren’t permanent, except KöR Whitening. Also, teeth whitening doesn’t work the same for everyone, and the outcome depends on your genetic and your daily oral care.

Always remember that regularly maintaining proper hygiene can brighten your smile and can help keep your teeth sparkling and improve all whitening results. Talking with your dentist about what’s the best way to whiten teeth and which treatment is the most suitable for your teeth is something that will help you figure out where to start and which method to choose.