what is cerecWhat Is Cerec?

Everyone likes perfectly white and shaped teeth. However, even with daily brushing and regular care, sometimes this cannot be achieved naturally. Because, it depends on your age, and genetics and some people are more prone to decay than others.

Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons you will sooner or later need some restorative work if you want both look great and stay healthy. So, when you do need it, you will want to know your best choice, and you will want to know about the CEREC system because it is the best option.

Here’s everything you need to know about the CEREC system and procedures, what is cerec, and why it is the safest and most effective way to restore your teeth and smile.

When you are having problems with your teeth, one of the most challenging things are those multiple trips to your dentist, instead of finishing everything with one visit. CEREC helps you save time and get everything done in just one visit. Moreover, it gives you better results by using the newest technology to restore your teeth with inlays, onlays, or crowns.

So, what exactly is cerec? CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and it is a design and manufacturing system aided by computer technology. CEREC technology combines a computer, camera and milling instrument in just one single machine, and creates tooth restorations right in your dentist office, within an hour.

This eliminates those tedious processes of sending the impression of your tooth to an outside lab and having a temporary crown. With CEREC, everything is more effective, and safer than with traditional methods.

How Will CEREC Help You?

Whether you want your smile more radiant or you wish to fix damaged and decaying teeth, CEREC can help you with that. The most common types of restorations made by CEREC include these procedures:


Crowns will cover your tooth and restore the appearance, shape, and size. It may be needed to strengthen your natural tooth that is cracked, decaying, or broken, or make a cosmetic change. It is like a cap for your tooth that will look like your natural teeth.


A dental onlay is like a partial crown, because if your tooth is too damaged, and it can’t support a dental filling, then a dental onlay is your answer. It can cover the entire biting area of your tooth.


Veneers are mostly used for cosmetic purposes, like for improving the look of your teeth, if they are misaligned, discolored or irregularly shaped. It is a custom made shell that will cover your tooth’s front surface, and it can also help if you have chipped or broken teeth.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC uses the most advanced software to create a perfect and natural looking restorations in just a few minutes. Here’s how the procedure works:

First, your dentist needs to prepare your tooth for restoration. CEREC software will take a digital photo of the area that needs to be treated. After that, it will convert that image into a 3D model. Then your dentist will make some simple inputs, and the software will create the final restoration. The milling machine will create a custom made ceramic tooth to fit your mouth and other teeth. When your dentist makes sure that it will fit you perfectly, then the restoration is bonded to your tooth and polished, so there is no difference between that one and the others. This entire process can be finished in just two hours!

What Is The Best Dentist For CEREC Procedures In Las Vegas?

When choosing CEREC, one of the most important things is your dentist who needs to be experienced with this technology. One of the top recommended dentists you can find in Las Vegas is Dr. Richard Racanelli. His office, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, is located in Summerlin and has been known for its expertise. He and his team are experienced in the procedures that include cosmetic, aesthetic, and general dentistry.

Dr. Racanelli and his team are well known in Las Vegas for their customer support and will answer all your questions about any procedure. Some of the latest methods his office includes in its services are treatments with Invisalign clear alignments and CEREC cost and procedures. He is one of a few dentists that has this newest technology and is experienced with all procedures.

Don’t be worried about the cost of these procedures because Dr. Racanelli’s office has numerous flexible payment options that will fit every financial situation. Just call the office and find out about the possibility of custom monthly payments, third party financing, or CareCredit possibility. With your dental insurance, it will probably cover some of the most expensive treatments.

No matter what CEREC treatment you need, don’t accept anything less than the best. Here, at Stunning Smiles, you will see what is cerec and that the system is the safest and effective way to restore your teeth’s health in just one visit.

If you have any questions about this or any other treatment, call or schedule an appointment at Dr. Racanelli’s office and experience the best dental service you’ll ever have. Read Dr. Racanelli and Stunning Smiles of Las VegasGoogle and Yelp reviews here.


Discover Your Best Smile With The Most Advanced Technology In The World!

The benefits of CEREC are numerous, and it has been proved as the ideal way to repair or even replace a tooth. Forget about all those multiple visits to your dentist, or temporary restorations, and give your smile an improved look that will last you for many years.

This treatment can help you love your smile again, and will make you want to share it with the rest of the world. It will help you get an improved sense of confidence as you face your everyday life. You can follow your life’s pace with CEREC, and won’t have to worry about postponing anything important.

Find the appropriate and experienced dentist who can lead you through the whole procedure, and nothing can slow you down; your new smile will be just the beginning!