what is cerec crownWhat is Cerec crown?

Dental Crowns

Is the replacement of damaged, broken, and root canal treated teeth with another artificial prosthesis in order to restore the function, shape, and chewing function of the damaged teeth.

What is Cerec crown?

It is the technique of designing computer-assisted dental crowns, using the most advanced scientific knowledge, through digital measurements of jaw and teeth that are used to design and construct dental crowns through a single visit. These designs are planned using a very precise software computer program.

Prior to the existence of the Cerec crown technology, the dental crown process used to take quite a lot of visits. The dentist starts with the preparation of the teeth and removal of decay, this is followed by taking an impression of the damaged tooth, or teeth, and the impression will be then sent to the production lab for crown work. The patient had to wait for many days and sometimes it can take up to one month until the laboratory steps are completed and the crown has been sent back to the dental clinic. Delays between visits can lead to the possibility of complications such as tooth hyperemia and sensitivity, and teeth drifting from its original position.

Many patients come to our clinic asking what is Cerec crown dental technology and what does it offer? Dr. Racanelli one of the top dentists in Las Vegas answers this question by providing his patients with an immediate computerized image that allows him to evaluate the patient’s mouth and to design and receive full crowns during a single office visit. Using a 3D scan stick that gives full imaging of the prepared tooth, we can design and formulate the patient’s crown in the office.


The benefits of the Cerec crown

  • The production of a dental crown using the traditional manner with the help of the dental production lab takes a long time. With the traditional crown construction technique, receiving a crown may take up to a month and requires several visits to the dental clinic office. This is not the case with CAD/CAM Cerec crowns which can be prepared in an hour at most, which can save both the patients and the dentist time and effort.
  • The use of the Cerec does not require taking many impressions of teeth, because it is possible to determine the size accurately by taking a three-dimensional image, so the patient needs only one session.
  • Patients don’t feel irritated by the impression materials inserted in trays inside the mouth for minutes, which usually trigger gagging sensation and uncomfortable feeling.
  • Cerec crowns offer better and more accurate results.
  • High strength and highly aesthetic metal-free different crown materials are available on the computer software to be used depending on the clinical situation.

Thus, we can forget all about the traditional, time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate steps crown making procedures. The crown can now be made and delivered at the same visit and the human element is completely reduced to ensure the accuracy we seek for our patients at Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas. Please review our Google and Yelp reviews here.


What are the steps for making dental Cerec crown?

1 – The dentist starts by removing all of the decay from the teeth followed by appropriate preparation of the damaged tooth to retain the dental crown.

2- Instead of a dental impression like the traditional method, your dentist uses a highly precise scanning device that provides a detailed 3D image of the tooth. Instead of using impression materials, digital records of teeth including shape and margins of the crown is obtained.

3- The pictures are sent to a computer, where the dentist gets a very fine digital form of teeth including all fine details.

4- With the aid of specialized software, accurate design of the crown shape, fitting margins, and size are planned and visualized on the computer screen for both dentist and patient approval.

5- The crown is adjusted in terms of shape, size, the spacing between teeth, and color to match that of natural teeth.


Full ceramic crowns are now available with recent computerized technology which is the Cerec CAD / CAM system that provides a software program with a database comprising a variety of different forms of teeth where the dentist can choose one by trying on different shapes on a 3D image until he finds the right one.

The program comes with multiple features such as repetition and adjusting occlusion with the opposite teeth to form a crown that is similar to natural as possible. This way the dentist gets a virtual restore that is sent to the grinding unit. After the crown design, the dentist has to choose the right color and shade of materials. This system uses small blocks of ceramic materials. Different ceramic materials are available on the system, with their blocks presented and connected to the grinding machine.

When the grinding of the ceramic crown is finished, the dentist can take the crown, try its fit, and see if the crown needs any changes. Different stains can be added to improve the appearance of the crown, and it takes only 10 minutes to wait for final changes and customization. Once the crown is completed it can be immediately cemented on its prepared tooth. As our patient, your tooth will get its natural shape, look, and gets back its lost function.

Cerec is currently a system that uses CAD-CAM technology to prepare dental crowns by computer, scanner and three-dimensional software system so as not to exceed one session for receiving a ceramic restoration to achieve your perfect smile.

Finally, what is Cerec crown? The answer is in the development of a computer design and manufacturing technology in the field of dentistry that constructs a highly precise full ceramic, metal-free crown. Therefore, all this precision makes the CAD/CAM Cerec crown an approach that provides the perfect functioning crown and gives the patient a distinctive smile full of confidence.  The Cerec CAD / CAM technology is a revolution in dentistry, which allows patients to get top quality restoration in only one visit to a dentist.

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