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5 Reasons Why You Need to go For Regular Dental Visits

Going to the dentist for regular check-ups is one of the most dreaded aspects of oral hygiene for everyone. The pain and the overall discomfort is reason enough to dodge these consultations and put it off for another day or maybe never at all.
However, a rather obvious but often forgotten impact of such an escape method is the fact that you will indeed have to end up at the dentist sooner or later for more uncomfortable and perhaps painful procedures owing to the decay caused when you put off your regular dental visit in the first place.

The American Dental Association recommends that we need to ideally go to our dentist every 6 months for an overall check-up in order to stop or even prevent possible tooth decay. This will avoid any complex dental issues in future and in turn eliminate the need for any painful procedures as well.

If pain is one of your main concerns for avoiding those regular dental check-ups, it would be worthwhile for you to know that the dentist is not going to perform any painful procedures on your teeth during a check-up. He or she will only look for abnormalities in your gums, your saliva, your bite and your mouth on the whole for possible signs of serious conditions like cancer or diabetes. Other than that, the dentist may also pay attention to plaque and tartar build-up as they can lead to gum issues.

If you are still skeptical about going for dental visits regularly, here are 5 reasons why you should totally make the move.

Early detection of serious dental problems

According to one of the most experienced and renowned top dentist Las Vegas has ever seen, Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas says that a large majority of his patients suffer from preliminary gum diseases. To further re-enforce the fact, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention also states that almost 50% of people in the U.S above the age of around 30 do indeed have gum diseases.
These issues often surface as a result of improper oral hygiene practices put together with the lack of regular authoritative check-ups. Had these people been prompt with their dental visits, their gum diseases would have been detected much earlier with the help of early signs and symptoms and appropriate action could have been taken for prevention.
Similarly, many other oral health issues can be detected by dentists early on during check-ups and in turn prevent them from further developing in your mouth.

Control over sleep issues

Dentists can also help you with sleep problems like sleep apnea (1) and snoring. Sleep apnea occurs when you have breathing difficulties in your sleep. The breathing passageway basically gets blocked in your sleep due to various reasons. A dentist can recommend you to a good sleep specialist and also provide you with the necessary accessories and mouth guard to prevent such blockages. Thus you get to sleep better. If you are in the U.S and you are looking for a reliable top dentist in Las Vegas, Dr. Richard Racanelli is also experienced in providing minor sleep solutions relating to the mouth and the teeth.

Prevention of bad breath

Bad breath is something that can cost you confidence and sometimes your social circle. Let’s face it, nobody likes talking to or even being near a person who has bad breath. Technically called “halitosis”, bad breath can be caused by a myriad of factors including gum disease, very poor oral hygiene and also because of the tiny food particles that often get stuck in between teeth and other hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Such things cannot be taken care of with normal oral hygiene practices once they have surfaced. However a good dentist can help you get rid of such bad-breath causing factors and clean your teeth to keep it free from germ-developing conditions. Experienced top dentist Las Vegas (1), Dr. Racanelli (2) recommends teeth cleaning along with regular check-ups, so as to prevent the growth of germs that lead to bad breath.

Treatment planning

Since possible future teeth issues can be detected during regular dental visits, it helps you plan your treatment well-ahead so that you can take care of the financial aspects of the treatment as well, without ending up with any shocking surprises. Your dentist will tell you if you do have any serious oral health issues and whether you need to undergo any systematic treatment procedures. Along with that, he or she will also tell you what may happen during the treatment process and how much it will cost you, including what will and what will not be covered by your dental insurance. This will enable you to plan your finances for the treatment well and not end up with any surprises on the bill. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, your dentist will be able to talk to you about further payment options for your treatment. Hence, either way, you are well-informed and ready for the treatment when it starts.

Financial savings

As unlikely as it may sound, going for regular dental visits will help you save a ton of money that would otherwise be spent on treatment of specific oral health issues. According to several studies conducted to study the spending habits of Americans on dental health, it was found that people spend almost $100 billion every year on dental treatments.
As a stark contrast, preventive dentistry has been found to cost much lower than restorative treatments. As mentioned before, preventive dental check-ups help eliminate the need for more serious dental procedures that are often very expensive as they will need the expertise of specialized doctors. Renowned top dentist Las Vegas, Dr. Richard Racanelli says that he has had patients coming in for elaborate treatments costing a lot more than what he has initially advised for the same patients through regular visits. (to ask Dr. Racanelli a question directly, please click here)

For all these reasons, going for regular dental visits is evidently more sensible and safer for your overall health and well-being. If you want to lead a happy and confident social life, then your dental check-ups are crucial.

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