teeth whitening near meTeeth whitening near me

Your smile is the secret of your beauty, adding an appeal to those who see you, and your clean white teeth are your shiny pearls that give a magical touch to your smile, but if you do not focus on the cleanliness of your teeth another image will be seen. Therefore, getting your teeth whiter is one of the utmost significant beauty accessories and cosmetic methods that people, especially women, seek.

Whitening your teeth is a treatment that makes the teeth appear whiter after being discolored due to a lot of accumulation of different causes, acting altogether. If your teeth are already yellow, then teeth whitening near me is available in our clinic. Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, will provide you with the professional whitening options available, as well as an advice on changing your bad habits that cause teeth discoloration.

What causes teeth discoloration?

The influences that lead to alterations in the color of natural teeth are many and differ in color and intensity from simple to severe. Disagreeing to what some believe that the change in color of teeth is only yellow, some factors may change the color of the teeth to gray or brown or dark black or even chalky white or to a mixture of several colors. It can occur during the stages of the development of teeth or after their development and complete emergence in the mouth and can happen in different ages.

The effect of food and drinks on the color of the teeth are the most common causes and appear obviously in people who drink a lot of colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks, especially if escorted by a lack of dental care and improper oral dental hygiene methods. Smoking leads to yellowing in the teeth with stains that are difficult to remove and lead to the presence of black spots on the teeth.

Calculus deposits (tartar) on the teeth may cause discoloration of the teeth, and this treatment is easy done by removing the calculus and then polishing the teeth. Acquired pathogens in the teeth such as the death of the dental pulp, bleeding inside the pulp chamber, and calcification within the tooth, will cause internal pigmentation that looks so intense in color. Aging will also cause color changes that are normal; teeth change with age to a yellowish color. The use of some types of mouthwashes (especially containing chlorhexidine) on the long run will cause yellowing of teeth.

Developmental factors during teeth formation, such as dental fluoridation from drinking water containing large quantities of fluoride cause white batches on the teeth in young children. Drugs such as tetracycline in children and during pregnancy that lead to pigmentation ranging from yellow to brown to dark gray in both baby and permanent teeth. Some blood diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia will lead to breaking red blood cells inside the pulp chamber. Dental fillings such as silver amalgam in most cases will make greyish tattooing to the tooth.

Different methods to whiten your teeth teeth whitening near me

  • Scaling and polishing: Removal of plaque and calculus, cleaning of teeth and polishing of teeth with special polishing paste at the dental office.

  • Bleaching toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste only removes the external pigments on the surface of the teeth. Do not use strong bleached pastes, as the enamel layer might be weakened, so consulting your physician is very important before using it.

  • Teeth bleaching at home: In this method, the dentist prepares a special tray for you, and provides it with appropriate bleaching materials that have lighter concentrations than what is used in the dental office and give the patient instructions for how to use. Bleaching pens, bleaching strips, and many over the counter products can help beside the dental office bleaching for more whitening results.

  • Laser teeth whitening

Laser (zoom) teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures. It is the best and most successful methods in terms of satisfaction of the patient about the result, and it is done under the supervision of Dr. Racanelli. Teeth whitening near me is now able to provide you with a painless and minimal sensitivity bleaching with excellent results. It opens the tooth enamel’s pores so that the peroxide can penetrate the teeth to remove the deep spots under the surface of the enamel.

Laser bleaching is considered an ideal solution for sensitive teeth, who may experience pain while using the traditional methods of teeth whitening.  Nowadays, laser bleaching is characterized by more control of bleaching and the patient is not exposed to pain because the laser bleaching is not heating the tooth and thus no sensitivity occurs.

The results vary from one person to another. The degree of success of bleaching depends on the nature of the teeth, the type and degree of yellowing, the type, and concentration of the solution used in bleaching, the time used, the patient’s follow-up of the dentist’s instructions. Most of the materials used in teeth whitening depend on the use of Hydrogen peroxide or the Carbamide peroxide in different concentrations and usually in the form of gel or liquid placed on the surface of the teeth.

What to do after teeth bleaching?

Refrain from any smoking, eating colored foods or drinks and coffee for 2-3 days, this is very important as your teeth will be highly susceptible to staining during this period. It is desirable to use bleached toothpaste after bleaching. Use a straw while drinking coffee or Soda’s as these are the common causes that quicken the coloration of teeth after bleaching. Directly brush your teeth after eating food or drinks for teeth.

Is teeth whitening a safe technique?

Teeth whitening near me has confirmed a very safe method, fast, and a stress-free process that is effective for almost everybody if used in the correct way and right percentage of chemicals used. It is not recommended to whiten the teeth for individuals under the age of 18 for the fear of endangering the pulp leading to nonstop sensitivity.  Pregnant or lactating women shouldn’t go for teeth whitening for the fear of chemicals.

Dr. Racanelli advises you to remember that healthy and white teeth improves your appearance, your confidence in a better smile and a higher self-esteem. Remember when choosing a Cosmetic Dentist for your Teeth Whitening to ask to do some research on the dentist and read their Google and Yelp reviews to gain an understanding of the feedback from other patients while in the Doctor’s care. At Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, we are very proud of our reviews. Over 700+ happy patients left us reviews of 5 stars. Please take a few minutes to read about us 🙂