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Facts And Benefits:

Having clean white teeth is something that influences social perception more than you’d think. Everywhere you look, white teeth are all you see, so much so that it almost appears unrealistic; the fact that everyone has flawless white teeth.
Take your Instagram feed for instance; you might be following your favorite celebrities and your near and dear friends. However, across all profiles, the one thing that you commonly see are clean white teeth; how so?

Do you think everybody just maintains proper oral hygiene routines and sticks to them religiously?

Not very likely.

On the bright side, almost 78% of American adults (3) do brush twice daily, but that alone doesn’t account for good oral hygiene and oral cleaning. And at the same time only 44% of children (2) in American have been found to brush twice a day. That is to say, the younger generation is not even close to developing proper oral hygiene habits.

In addition to these, there are also certain habitual routines that cause teeth damage including smoking, and consuming caffeine through coffee. These may prevail even with a routine of brushing two times a day.

That said, the question of how a seeming “white teeth” factor is common across all Facebook and Instagram profiles still remains to be answered.

Two words; teeth whitening.

For some reason, teeth whitening is something that is often frowned upon by many people, especially the older generation. This is especially true in Las Vegas.
It could be because of a reluctance to go beyond sustained oral check-ups or it could be because of the notion that practices like teeth whitening are cosmetic in nature. It could also be because of a resistance to using new technology.

Either way, when it comes to teeth whitening Las Vegas is like a chick that hesitates to hatch or in coming out of the egg.

The truth is, teeth whitening is one of the most sought after and highly recommended cosmetic dental procedures. Renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas says that it is the most requested dental procedure at his practice. (To ask Dr. Racanelli a question about teeth whitening, click here)

As the name suggests, it can restore the natural white color of your teeth and in turn give you back your confidence. A lot of people around the world have already used the treatment and are enjoying its benefits; which explains all the flawless teeth on your Instagram feed.

Apart from that, teeth whitening has several other benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Positive social perceptions

Like it or not, people take notice of your teeth when you smile or talk and often a set of white teeth is well perceived than a set of stained or yellow teeth. Your teeth may get discolored in the course of life for many reasons like coffee or smoking. Some kinds of food stain the teeth as well. Stained teeth are often a sign of improper oral hygiene; that is; unclean habits. This causes the social circle to perceive you as someone with poor cleanliness habits. On the other hand, a clean and groomed person with white teeth will always be better received. Teeth whitening Las Vegas clinicians come across patients with social insecurities like these the most.

Maintenance of teeth health

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with teeth whitening is that it damages the teeth; more specifically the teeth enamel. This makes teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods. However, this is not the least bit true. Teeth whitening Las Vegas dentist Dr. Richard Racanelli says that it is one of the most asked questions about the process.

In reality, teeth whitening simply restores the lost natural white color of your teeth. It helps reverse the stains or the yellow taint that your teeth have developed in course of life as a result of the kind of foods that you may have consumed. These stains are on the surface of your teeth and have nothing to do with the general health of the teeth. For the same reason, teeth whitening is a process that takes place on a surface level and nothing more than that. It can be thought of as an external cosmetic dental procedure.

It helps boost your career

As mentioned before, white teeth influence your social circle in a big way. And this includes your professional circle as well. Owing to stained teeth you may have lacked the confidence (1) to smile in team photographs or even participating in team events. Or if you are in the entertainment industry, then you probably have already suffered the wrath of stained teeth from projects that didn’t hire you. Teeth whitening is indeed the answer that you have been seeking.
Teeth whitening Las Vegas practitioners often talk about their long list of celebrity clientele periodically visiting to get their teeth whitened. Hence, you need to know that it is a very common procedure and that it is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it will improve your confidence to pose with a wide smile for photos and also to reach out for more opportunities in Hollywood. With that kind of confidence you will be soaring ahead in your career in no time.

In spite of all these benefits, there are a few other factors that keep many people from availing the service. Some commonly asked questions include the following.

Is it painful?

Teeth whitening involves application of whitening solutions and the usage of certain tools in the process. Other than that there are no other procedures. For the same reason, teeth whitening involves absolutely no pain. Some patients may feel a slight discomfort during the process, much like any other dental procedure. But when compared to the benefits that accrue from the process, the discomfort level is quite negligible.

Is it expensive?

The cost may vary from case to case actually, depending on the overall health of the teeth. Back in the day, cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening were quite expensive and hence unreachable by the working class. But now, owing to the digital wave that has presided over the world, cosmetic dental procedures can be availed at more reasonable prices.