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Invisalign: The undetectable Orthodontics

Everybody wants to have a great smile, but if you have teeth position misalignment, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Some may wear orthodontics to treat these problems, but you may feel some awkwardness from the shape of the braces and gum infections caused by it. A new type of transparent clear type of orthodontics has been established to solve many of our patient’s problems with the traditional orthodontics.

The unseen clear Invisalign is a great move in the science of orthodontics. It is aimed specifically for patients who want to have a great smile without feeling embarrassed during the treatment due to the appearance of the metallic braces and connection used in the orthodontics, or for patients who are allergic to the metal or have constant ulcers as a result of metallic wires and braces. With Invisalign dentist Las Vegas, you will have the advantage of modifying the maligned position of the teeth while preserving the aesthetic and the psychological aspect of the patient.

It is a plastic transparent aligner that is very thin and compressed, surrounding the teeth from the outside and inside. This treatment is equipped with advanced information technology that takes into account the most accurate measurements and distortions in your teeth up to 0.3 millimeters correction of the defect.

How does Invisalign straighten the teeth?

The clear unnoticeable Invisalign is a modern technique used in the treatment of orthodontics. A number of serial molds or trays (aligners) is specifically manufactured according to the patient’s arch and position of his teeth, usually about 16 – 24 aligners, where the patient wears these devices sequentially, each for two weeks and with every stage the teeth moves to its better-planned position. The patient wears this device full-time and only takes it off during eating, and brushing your teeth.

How is Invisalign made?

When the patient visits a dentist, the patient’s mouth is examined to ensure that the gums are safe from inflammation and teeth from decay, and then take a radiograph to examine the roots of the teeth and jaw bone. The doctor takes impressions for the patient’s mouth and the necessary images are sent to the laboratory specialist, three-dimensional images are transferred to a computer with a special program that is connected to a machine that will manufacture a series of consecutive transparent acrylic-plastic aligners made from medical grade polyurethane that is to be worn by the patient’s for specific periods of time (usually 2 weeks). After the end of each period, the teeth are moved simply to a better position than before in a step to reach the required final situation.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign has proven clinical and practical effectiveness. Invisalign dentist Las Vegas will allow you to get a beautiful smile with an invisible Orthodontics. During the treatment you can remove the device, allowing you to eat and drink and brushing teeth without any harassment. There are no wires and sharp braces scratching the cheeks during treatment. With Invisalign, you can see the treatment plan and how your teeth will be treated after visual processing on a computer before starting treatment. It will allow you to follow good oral hygiene measures, with no plaque stagnation like what happens with braces, flossing will be possible along with the use of a soft toothbrush.

Does Invisalign suit you?

Our expert Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, is the one who will decide this after his examination and assessment if you are the right candidate. But, if you think you are too old to go for orthodontic treatment, just for not wanting the conventional orthodontics to appear? Then the answer is in the Invisalign system. It’s simply, often painless and relatively inexpensive. Feel free to ask Dr. Racanelli a question about Invisalign here.

Almost all patients over the age of 14 years can go for Invisalign Orthodontic treatment. Teeth malposition, alternation, and misalignment can be effectively treated using Invisalign. Previously, invisible orthodontics was used for cases of mild malocclusion, but today, thanks to the development of this technique, it has become possible to use it in most cases, sometimes up to 80% of the malocclusion cases, which is a wonderful rate, thanks to the use of the transparent and soft Invisalign trays. invisalign dentist las vegas

The use of this technique for all ages provided that oral health is good and the patient is cooperating to the maximum degree because it is a mobile device and can be removed by the patient whenever he wishes so, the patient must understand that he must use the device eighteen hours a day at least and is not removed except for eating food and cleaning his teeth.

This Orthodontic technique is specially designed for people who want to straighten out their teeth to get a beautiful smile without being uncomfortable during the process. The technique allows patients today to treat and evaluate their teeth without changing their lifestyle.

Will Invisalign affect my lifestyle?

You will feel mild and temporary discomfort during the first days of treatment, such as a sense of pressure on the teeth, and this is a sign that the device works and moves the teeth towards the good condition. It will affect the pronunciation of some characters in a day or two and then the tongue gets used to it and the problems disappear. You can eat anything, just remove the device before eating. Your appointment with Dr. Racanelli for an assessment will be every 6 weeks in order to ensure the treatment plan is on the right course, and this is much fewer visits than conventional orthodontic treatment visits to the dentist office, sparing your time and schedule. This is as well as a less painful orthodontic treatment and more beautiful without the fear of your appearance and the hiding of your smile. Dr. Racanelli’s patients love us and over 700+ have left us a review. We would be honored if you would review our Google and Yelp reviews here.

How long is the treatment?

Invisalign is 50 % faster than traditional orthodontic treatment, the treatment period varies from one to one and a half years depending on the patient’s condition and the degree of malocclusion (how crooked your teeth are).

Hurry up and book your appointment, to acquire the smile in your dreams with Invisalign Dentist Las Vegas, it is in your hands.