how to whiten teeth naturallyHow to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Whitening your teeth can often seem a bit problematic, frustrating and unpredictable because there are so many products and companies that promise a good and permanent solution. However, the truth is a little bit different. There is a difference between what they promise and what actually works. Most in-office treatments lack effectiveness, predictability and a lot of people experience teeth and gum sensitivity.

Having your teeth whitened is a simple way to freshen up your look, but it’s difficult when you don’t know what exactly to use. That is the reason why more and more people are looking for ways how to whiten teeth naturally and for home remedies that are not harmful to your teeth but give results.

Natural ways of whitening your teeth are often more effective than in-office procedures and whitening products, and are harmless and help you keep your teeth healthy and white at the same time.

Want to know the best ways how to whiten teeth naturally?  I’ll now explain several home remedies that will help naturally whiten your teeth, while also improving overall oral hygiene.

Oil Pulling

This is a traditional Indian home remedy, and it is meant to improve hygiene and remove toxins. All you need to do is swish oil around your mouth to remove bacteria and whiten your teeth. The best choice is coconut oil. You can do this on a daily basis because oil won’t expose your teeth to acid and erode the enamel.

Hydrogen Peroxide

A natural bleaching agent and people have been using it for years to remove bacteria and whiten teeth. You can try buying toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide or mixing it with baking soda to make a paste and wash your teeth with it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for centuries as a natural cleaning and disinfectant product. The antibacterial property of the apple vinegar makes it suitable to rinse your mouth with it, but you shouldn’t use it every day because it can soften your teeth.

Fruits and Vegetables

Believe it or not, raw crunchy fruit can actually help you whiten your teeth. They can remove plaque as you chew them.

Mix strawberries and baking soda as a natural remedy and a way to remove discoloration. Malic acid that is found in strawberries along with baking soda will buff away your teeth’s stains.

Activated Charcoal

This is an absorbing product that is used to trap toxins inside your body and can as well help whiten your teeth by absorbing plaque.

If you want to whiten teeth with charcoal wet a toothbrush and dip it into powdered charcoal. Keep brushing your teeth as always, but pay particular attention to the places where you can see the most staining. Rinse it thoroughly and for the best results brush with it two to three times per week. Don’t use it if you have crowns or porcelain veneers.

What’s The Most Effective Way to Whiten Your Teeth and Won’t Put Your Teeth’s Health at Risk?

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching

This is a procedure that will give you the best results possible and won’t harm your teeth and gums at all. Every patient that has used it was satisfied, even the most difficult cases.

This system works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen and oxygen then dissolves stain molecules. The results are permanent, safe and you can easily do it at home, no need for in-office treatments. KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching trays and gel are entirely safe and won’t harm even the most sensitive teeth or gums. The application is really simple. You need to wear these trays while you sleep and in this way you get the maximum effect. The best thing is that it won’t interfere with your day at all. They are so comfortable that you’ll forget you are wearing them! KöR trays are custom made to fit everyone perfectly, and whitening gel and trays are made only from high-quality materials.

This is the only system that actually works, the answer to all frustrating teeth whitening issues.

Which Dentist Is Top Recommended For This Procedure?

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How to Prevent your teeth from becoming yellow!

While all natural whitening methods work different for everyone, there are a few things anyone can do to prevent teeth becoming yellow or prolong the effects of whitening products.

Tooth discolor may come with age, but don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly and from time to time go to your dentist office for a plaque routine cleanings. Avoid food and drinks that can color your teeth, like wine, coffee and some fruits, and brush your teeth after drinking or eating. Having whitening toothpaste is an excellent way to prolong the effects of teeth whitening and improve their whiteness.

Consult with your dentist before doing anything, so you’ll have a professional opinion about how to whiten teeth naturally and risk-free at the commodity of your home. Regular checkups are also important for your teeth and gums health. White teeth are beautiful but healthy teeth are what you should be streaming for if you want a genuinely magnificent smile.