How to get Dentist in Summerlin, LVHow to get Dentist in Summerlin, LV


If you are looking for dental services in the Summerlin area, you can try to check in the directory of dental services in the area.  There are a lot of dental services in Summerlin, but what you need to find is the one that is comfortably situated near you.  How to get dentist in Summerlin, LV?  Try to check on theses dental offices:


  1. Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas (700+ 5 star reviews from happy patients)
  2. TroBough DDS
  3. Wagner Dental
  4. Island Dental Center of summerlin
  5. Red Rock dental
  6. Wagner Dental
  7. Hillcrest Dental
  8. NEA Dental
  9. Canyon Pointe Dental group
  10. Rampart Dental Group
  11. Shields Family dentistry


These dental services are scattered within the entire summerlin area and they all accredited by the local accreditation board. Most of them also will accept almost insurance policy.  They are most a good dental company and a good reputation.


Check their office location, check the travel time from your area, the accessibility and the services they offered.  You may want also to check the Dentist and the Oral Surgeon who are part of the organization.  You may want to check their licenses and their experiences. Some dental services has a group of young dentist in their organizations and others may have older dentist, but more experience than the other.


As time goes by , dental illness are becoming more complicated and so is treatment of the disease.  It requires more training, skills and tools in doing the procedure. A dental service that has modern equipments, dentist with upgraded skills will have the advantage.  They can use their modern instruments in determining accurately the symptom and the treatment.  They will be able to diagnose the disease accurately at an early stage.


Since dental disease is a common occurrence now a day, it is but possible that some of your relatives, friends and maybe siblings, had the same problem before.  Try to start contacting them and ask them about any dentist they knew in summerlin, Las Vegas area. That will help a lot, because they can make referrals.  They had the past experience before and they should be able to say if their dentist is okay or not. If they haven’t experience a dental problem from their own family, they may friends who know of a dentist in the area.


One good thing to do is ask for a referral from your family doctor or check out their Google Reviews. This is very telling! Chances are he has a dentist friend or co-worker that he can refer to you.  Sometimes, it pays if you get referrals from people in the same industry.  They should know better.


Dental care is not a new problem.  It existed ever since, but proper management is not easily handled, if you have the right skill or the right person to do it.  It can affect your future.  How to Get a dentist in summerlin, LV?  Try to do what this article say’s and you will surely find one , that best fit your requirements.  There are a lot of good dentist in the area, all you need first is to evaluate your needs and find the best dentist for it.

To reach one of the most sought after dentist in Summerlin and Las Vegas, reach out to Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas at 702-736-0016 or