dentist who finance near meDentist who finance near me


If you are on the road to get credit to pay your dental bills, or you have some bad credit history and don’t know what your options are, this is a guide for you. In this article, we will review options for you, talk about payment plans, and dentist who finance near me.


* Dental Financing with Bad Credit

Finding the money to pay for your dental bills or implants can be really difficult. Implants are often not covered by your dental insurance, so many of us need to find some alternative ways to cover dental costs. If you are some of the people who are struggling with bad credit and can’t another one, there are a few options available: payment plans, loans, and flexible spending account.

 * Financing with Loans

Trying to get a loan for dental expenses is tricky, especially if you have a bad credit history. But, even then there is a solution.

 * A secured loan is an affordable way to pay for your dental implants. It works in a way where your car, house, or something similar is put as collateral, meaning if you are not paying that loan, the item could be repossessed.

 * Lending club is a company that will finance your medical expenses, including dental ones. They know how delicate someone’s health is, so they have high approval rates. Their payments plans can finance your costs up to $50, 000, which is high enough to cover most of the dental procedures.

 * CareCredit: If you can find a dentist who finance near me, CareCredit is one of the best options. That is pretty much a credit card which is used for health expenses. You can use the card to pay for your dental procedures at any participating dental office.


Financing with Payment Plans


Another great option is financing with a payment plan. A payment plan can go through a third party or a dental professional.

Very often, the dental practice will work with you and allow you monthly payments where they will break up the total amount and let you pay across several months. Sometimes some dental practices won’t accept monthly payments. Instead, they will refer you to some company that can offer you financing


 Financing with Flexible Spending Accounts


First, let’s explain what an FSA is for those who are not familiar with the term. That is a type of benefit for employers that often comes as an insurance package when you become an employer in a particular company. Then you, as an employee can sign up through your employer for Flexible Spending Accounts.


This account serves specifically for the health-related costs, and you can request how much can be put into that account. So, when you are using your FSA, the money is deducted from your paycheck. FSA has many benefits; one of them is the fact that you’ll end up paying fewer taxes. For additional information, you should talk to your employer and find out how much money you can get.


Financing Through a Dentist That Will Take Payments


You may think that there are no dentists that will offer you several payment plans or take payments. Probably, you believe that your dentist receives a commission, or there is a third party financing arranged through your dentist. In fact, the reality is it’s quite the opposite; they usually need to pay a fee to the provider. This can vary from 5% to 15%, which is not a small amount. Dentists want to keep their chairs full, so they offer various plans, and you can search for a dentist near me that will take payments.


If they arrange a payment plan with you, they will receive full payment for your treatment instead of paying the provider. So, it can actually save them money, and if you aren’t late with your payments, it’s not a problem at all.


But, there are some options you can consider before asking them about this:

You will have a better chance of them accepting if that’s not your first visit.

Be aware of the fact that you’ll still have to pay some amount up-front, a third or a half of the total amount.


You can still get a discount on the amount if you want to pay up-front in cash.

In the end, you don’t lose anything by asking your dentist for a discount of some extra months to make the payments, but you can get a lot.


Why it’s Convenient to Pay Your Dentist Directly


First, as I’ve mentioned before, if you find a dentist near me that will take payments, you can get a discount, and if you already know the dentist, you will be in a better position to negotiate. Why would your dentist offer you a discount? First, they will save money on admin, and they will get the whole amount straight away. And, as I explained, they could lose money if you decide to use a third-money payment plan. Paying in cash will get you a more significant discount since your dentist won’t have to pay for additional fees.


Even if you are in a situation where you can’t afford to pay the whole amount in full, you can talk to your dentist and arrange an in-house payment plan. For example, you can pay for one-third of the treatment and spread over the next six month the rest of the balance. Dentists will more likely take this option if you have a history with them.


There are a lot of clinics through the USA that will take payment plans and if your dentist doesn’t, the right place to start finding someone who will, is to ask him if he knows someone. If they don’t know someone, you can start by researching several dental plan providers and find the one with the terms that will suit you the best. Use their website and search for dentists near you who will participate in that payment plan scheme. If this doesn’t work and you can’t find a dentist that will take payment plans, a dental loan or credit card can be a good alternative.


Which Dentist You Can Visit with Payment Plans in Las Vegas

Okay, so you’ve searched and decided to visit a dentist who can offer you payment plans, but you are still not sure which one can you visit? Here is the top-rated dentist near me with payment plans you can visit and be sure that will give you the best care and best payment options.


Five Star Cosmetic Dentistry – Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas and Dr. Richard Racanelli

Dr. Richard Racanelli is a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, and he has been working there for over 5 years. His practice “Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas” is located in Summerlin, a suburb of Las Vegas (1), and he and his team offer dentistry treatments equipped with the latest technology. Dr. Racanelli has proven credibility with the years of practice, his advanced dental and cosmetic training, the best customer service, and more than 700 perfect Google reviews to confirm his expertise.

Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Racanelli offers the following treatments: Invisalign or clear braces, Deep Teeth Bleaching AKA KöR Whitening Bleaching system, porcelain veneers, dental implants and take-home teeth whitening. With the newest KöR Whitening Bleaching system, you can painlessly whiten your smile. This is the only system in the world that can whiten dark-stained teeth, and it is safe for your teeth and gums.

Porcelain veneers are new and more resilient than the traditional ones. With them you won’t have to encompass the entire tooth, you’ll save a large amount of your natural one and have a perfect smile along with straight white teeth.

But what about payment plans? In Dr. Racanelli’s office, there are numerous payment plans you can use. Ask Dr. Racanelli a question here

Don’t have dental insurance? You are in the right place. At Dr. Racanelli’s office, you can select various payment options. You can choose from custom monthly payments, Care Credit financing, third-party financing, and many different options. Dr. Racanelli will provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to customer service and excellent dental work.


Don’t Neglect Your Health and Start Looking For the Payment Plans That Fit Your Financial Situation

Dental treatments can be costly, and often out of reach for most of the people. But, that shouldn’t stop anyone from wanting the best teeth health and smile you deserve. If you need to check your teeth, there are various ways to find affordable dental options. You just have to know where and how to look. Sometimes, it will be confusing and frustrating because you have to look everywhere to find financial assistance. You will need a pan and a map to find what you’re searching for.

But you really shouldn’t give up. There is always a dentist near me with payment plans that will actually work, and many dentists will help you and make their treatments as accessible as possible for you.


For example, all dentists will offer a free consultation, so don’t be afraid to look through different ones to find the right for you that will provide you with the best price and the best treatment. Dental care may be an investment, but it’s an important one because our teeth health is connected to our overall health, and that shouldn’t be neglected. A smile doesn’t have to be just beautiful; it also has to be healthy.

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Racanelli, please call us at: 702-736-0016