Dentist Summerlin NevadaDentist Summerlin Nevada

Let’s be honest, Las Vegas is known for it gambling and entertainment, but it should be known for its award-winning dentists and orthodontists. The dentists are educated, certified, and deserving of the accolades they have won. Las Vegas has many skilled dentists, and we have some ideas as to whom you should visit for your dentist Summerlin Nevada requirements. The names of these great dentists are Dr. Richard A. Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, Dr. Allen Huang of Significance Dental Specialists, and Dr. Kevin Baldwin of Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry.

To start our list of great dentists off properly, we will begin with Dr. Richard A. Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas. Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has earned an average of four point nine stars out of nearly two hundred Google reviews. Testimonials on their website gave the same rating, only the four point nine average came from over seven hundred ninety reviews. Google, and comments on the company website stated that Stunning Smiles offered a “a very pleasant experience,” a “great staff and friendly environment,” and a “state of the art office and
equipment.” Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has earned great reviews and even some awards. Stunning Smiles offers Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative and restorative care. The simple website layout allows customers to enroll in various payment methods, such a private and pay-per-visit plan.

Their professional nature and high-quality procedures have earned awards such as the 2018 Spectrum Award, and even placement in the MyVegas Magazine “Top 100 Doctors and Dentists” list. The entirety of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has earned awards, and
so have specific employees, namely their main doctor, Dr. Racanelli, who received the Selected Top Dentist award for three consecutive years (2016-2018). He has been in practice since 2012 and had plenty of dentistry practice before his employment with Stunning Smiles.
Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas allows visitors to contact Dr. Racanelli with the “Ask Dr. Racanelli” feature. The section gives a form where patients fill out their contact information to discuss appointments, advice for mouth care, and other inquiries. Because Dr. Racanelli
graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (1) and Villanova University (2), completed a year-long fellowship with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania (2001-2002), and residency at the Overlook Hospital in Summit (2002-2003) (3), Dr. Racanelli is qualified to give answers. In addition to his education, Dr. Racanelli has previous experience.

Dr. Racanelli is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has also worked as a practitioner and a Premier Provider for Invisalign. Even though he has only been in practice since 2012, Dr. Racanelli knows what he is doing. Since he is not available at every given
moment, we also have other suggestions for your dentist Summerlin Nevada plan.

Another great option for your family dentist is Dr. Allen Huang, the CEO of Significance Dental Specialists. Significance Dental Specialists has a five-star average of over one hundred Google reviews. Significance offers root canals, Invisalign, and other orthodontic procedures. Their website also contains helpful information on topics such as gum disease surgery, gum recession, and dental implants. Testimonials on their site describe Significance’s dental work as “gentle and quick,” “fast and comforting,” and “helpful and caring.” Google reviewers justify their high ratings with reasons such as “the staff is terrific and the work second to none” and “They also check in a lot on your emotional well-being and accommodate things as needed.” Although the reviews compliment Significance Dental Specialists as a whole, none of these reviews would be possible without amazing staff members like Dr. Huang. Dr. Huang is the CEO of Significance Dental Specialists, and the international dental implant company Altosbiotech. Dr. Huang has been actively working as a dentist for over a decade now.

He has worked on tens of thousand of patients, is a published author, and the director of the Study Spear Club. Huang has also been featured on ABC’s KTNV Morning Blend and LV Women’s Magazine. In addition to his appearances in mainstream media, he is also highly
regarded in more prestigious groups. Huang earned his degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and attended the Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at University of Illinois on a full-ride scholarship. He also has membership in many respected organizations, such as the American Academy of Osseointegration and the Academy of Dental Association. Fortunately for those
unable to book appointments with Dr. Racanelli or Huang, there plenty of other qualified dentists in Summerlin.

Our final suggestion is Dr. Kevin Baldwin of Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry. Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry accomodates many oral needs, such as sedated dentistry, dental implants, and teeth whitening. For fillings, they only use “tooth-colored materials.” Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry
also has frequent promotions and discounts displayed on their site along with an easy-to-use appointment request form and details on an in-house dental plan. These convenient features earned Baldwin Distinctive Dentistry an average of five stars out of almost one hundred reviews, many of which praised Dr. Baldwin.

Dr. Baldwin’s bio under his website’s “Meet the Team Section” describes him as a “family man.” Google reviews state that he is also a family dentist and that he is “amazing,” “cares about his patients,” and that he and the staff provided an “awesome experience.” This praise is due to
his years of practice and education in dentistry. Dr. Baldwin has earned degrees from Weber State University and the Ohio State University Dental School and has worked in many areas of his discipline, such as clear braces and various implants. The American Dental Association,
Nevada Dental Association, and Academy of General Dentistry list Dr. Baldwin as a member.

Vegas may be a place where lots come to visit in search of a good time and because of that, it can be considered as a ‘dirty’ city by some, but its professional dentists and orthodontists will leave your mouth cleaner than a nunnery. The proof of their qualifications is in their awards, education, and years in their line of work. A visit with Dr. Racanelli, Huang, or Baldwin is sure to satisfy all Dentist Summerlin Nevada requirements.