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Chipped, broken, or
missing teeth?

Dental Implants can save your smile and restore a healthy mouth. The new implant will look and feel like a healthy, natural tooth and allow you to eat and speak normally like you once did. There’s no need to remove them to eat or clean and they’re built to last a lifetime. Come in or call and let our award-winning dentist customize your treatment plan today.

To learn more about implants, visit our dental implants informational page.

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Placing a dental implant
is easy and safe


We’ll use 3D imaging to do
a study of your full mouth


An implant is placed after
a little local numbing

(you won’t feel a thing)


The final result is a natural looking tooth that can last a lifetime

(702) 736-0016

Hear from our
happy mouths

I chipped my tooth a few days ago. I can’t even tell which one was chipped because all my teeth look the same now. I got my smile back and I love this place!


I come to Stunning Smiles every six months. Everyone is so nice, from the front office to everybody in the back. You will not regret it!


Dr. Racanelli and his staff did an excellent job and I couldn’t be happier with my teeth. I’m very pleased with the results.


(702) 736-0016

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