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Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is something that is increasingly becoming popular, especially among the millennial generation (1), which accounts for a good majority of the world’s population. It comes as no surprise, as the millennial are always on the forefront of critical thinking and non-stereotypical perceptions. For the same reason, conventional norms are often questioned and new technologies are welcomed with both hands.

As is the case with the rest of the world, Nevada also has a fair share of millennial who are not ready to settle for mediocre results, especially when it comes to their appearances or looks (2). They want the best options in the market and they are always on the lookout for advanced technologies to enhance their looks.
On top of that, millennial have opened the minds of their near and dear ones as well regarding the conventions of cosmetic dentistry. As a result, of late, a lot of people above the age of 35 years are also keen on getting their smiles enhanced.

A good cosmetic dentist Summerlin NV thus has a whole generation of open-minded customers and their peers, on who’s faces to bring a smile to; a flawless one at that.

For anyone who is looking for cosmetic dentistry services in Summerlin NV, it would be worthwhile to know about the various options available in the space. If you are looking to fix your smile in some way, you need to be aware of the possible procedures to consider and their likely results.

Here are 5 broad categories of cosmetic dentistry services explained:

  1. Inlays and Onlays – These two procedures are commonly known as direct fillings and are probably the simplest of solutions for common tooth problems. Normally, inlays and onlays are manufactured at dental laboratories and are used in cases of moderate tooth decay; in other words, if there is not enough of a tooth left to support a filling.

    Inlays are used when the cusps of the teeth are not damaged and are placed directly on top of the surface of the tooth.

    Onlays on the other hand are used in situations where the tooth is substantially damaged and are placed to cover the entire tooth’s surface.

    In either case, you need the most experienced cosmetic dentist Summerlin NV has to offer.

  2. Implants (3)– In the plain sense, implants are basically used in place of a tooth. In cases where a tooth is lost because of decay or otherwise, implants are used to fill the gap. A cosmetic dentist Summerlin Nv first inserts a titanium screw in to the jaw at the point of the lost tooth which acts as the support for the tooth or the crown to be implanted. The best part about this treatment is that the implant looks no different from a natural tooth and once it is implanted the surrounding tissues and bones fuse in to it making it permanently and securely placed.

    However, it is highly important for the patient to follow regular and flawless oral hygiene practices during and after the implant placement in order to keep food debris and other product build-up away from the surface of the teeth.

  3. Dental veneers – Veneers are usually made from medical grade ceramic. According to renowned cosmetic dentist Summerlin Nv, Dr. Hofstatdus, dental veneers are one of the most personalized and realistic looking treatments offered to patients. Veneers are manufactured according to each individual patient’s natural teeth structure and nature and they are capable of solving a number of teeth issues like cracked or damaged teeth, crooked teeth or even gaps between the teeth. The veneers are applied to the front portion of the teeth with the help of a dental adhesive.

  4. Cosmetic teeth whitening – Teeth whitening is a very basic procedure when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and according to experienced cosmetic dentist Summerlin NV, Dr. Richard Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, is one of the most common and sought after cosmetic dental services in Summerlin. Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching is usually done after thorough cleaning of the teeth to get rid of accumulated tartar, plaque and other debris from the surface of the teeth in order to restore its natural state and appearance. Patients can also have their teeth whitened to a lighter shade than their original shade if they so desire.

    This service is mainly used to clean up and fix issues such as staining. Over time, our teeth get stained with food, drinks, medications consumed and also because of personal habits like smoking. Teeth whitening can be done to remove such stains and get natural white teeth.

  5. Composite bonding – Bonding is basically a procedure to repair decayed or damaged teeth. It can also be used to fix aesthetically unappealing teeth; in other words, teeth that simply don’t look good. Different materials that closely match the natural color and texture of the teeth are used in composite bonding.

    In this procedure, the cosmetic dentist first removes any decay and then applies the composite on to the surface of the tooth. After that, the composite is carved and shaped carefully in to an aesthetically pleasing yet functionally sound form and further cured with high-intensity light. All of these require a high rate of precision and careful deliberation calling for the most professionally qualified cosmetic dentist Summerlin NV has to offer.

    The advantage with composite bonding, or simply bonding is the fact that it is comparatively inexpensive. It can be used effectively by patients who are on a budget to fix chipped, cracked or decayed teeth to a large extent.

For the best results, ideally you need to find a qualified cosmetic dentist in Summerlin NV who has the required technology as well as the personal experience to offer you the best results. Apart from that you can talk about your teeth problems on initial consultation in order for the cosmetic dentist to analyse your situation and advice the best options for you. You can decide which procedure to go for depending on your budget and your personalized options.