Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do FillingsCan Cosmetic Dentistry Do Fillings?

What Is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is used to fill a cavity, and it is a restorative material. After your dentist removes decay, he will apply a special material over certain areas of your tooth to restore its natural appearance.

In the past when you wanted a dental filling or any other tooth restorations, you could get them made from gold, amalgam and other metals. Only some of them were made of porcelain. Nowadays, dental work can be entirely made of porcelain or composite materials that will mimic your natural tooth structure. These materials are bonded to the construction of your teeth with resin adhesives, and most importantly, they are free of mercury. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved enormously, and to the many new procedures which are now introduced continuously.

Today, fillings can be made from a variety of materials like metal amalgam, porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin. The type of filling you will get depends on the location of your tooth decay, dental insurance you have, and the cost of the filling.

If you wanted to know can cosmetic dentistry do fillings; you are in the right place. Continue reading, and you will find out which option is the best for treating the cavity and which dentist is the top recommended based on his knowledge and prices as well.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Fillings?

Cosmetic dental fillings are a modern alternative to the silver filling that was used to repair teeth. Silver fillings are indeed durable and, but people don’t like them because of the silver look they have after it in their mouth.  Modern dentistry now has excellent alternatives to the silver fillings. Some of them are made from ionomers, porcelain and composite resins which are colored to match the enamel of someone’s natural tooth color.

A cosmetic dental filling is entirely unnoticeable when a person smiles or talks, but their only flaw is that they are not as durable as silver fillings. However, if you are concerned about the silver look in your mouth, cosmetic fillings are the perfect choice for you.

Benefits of cosmetic fillings are enormous, you can correct your teeth most naturally, and you’ll get something that will last long. So, don’t wonder can cosmetic dentistry do fillings, it does wonders!

Here are types of cosmetic fillings and what can you expect from them:

Composite Fillings

These fillings are made from fine particles and a blend of resins. The goal is blending the materials to achieve a colour which is as close as the natural color of your teeth. Composite fillings can be cemented or bonded to the affected area in order to create a strong adhesion to your natural tooth.


This is another filling option. Ionomers are similar to composite fillings; the difference is they are made from bland of glass and acrylic resins. They are often used near the tooth line or gum line, close to the root because there is no pressure when chewing. Ionomers are more fragile but will strengthen over time because of the fluoride they release gradually, and it strengthens the materials.

Porcelain Fillings

This type of fillings is made from a blend of ceramic, glass powder and porcelain. Dentists use them instead of crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays. Porcelain fillings can be quite durable but not as silver filling, but they are a great option if you want to invest in natural tooth looking filling and want to have something permanent.

Who Is The Right Dentist For Cosmetic Dentistry And Fillings?

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Regular Dentist Checkups Will Help Your Cosmetic Fillings to Last Longer!

With proper care, your cosmetic fillings will last many years, even decades, before needing a replacement. During your visits to your dentist, he will always check if these fillings are holding and if they need a replacement, so it’s important to go to the dentist office from time to time if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Having cosmetic fillings will make your life so much easier. They have helped millions of people to restore their smiles, to increase their confidence and in general to improve their life. No more hiding your smile or avoiding social gatherings because you are ashamed of your teeth. Cosmetic fillings will do wonders for you.