braces without insurance las vegasBraces without Insurance Las Vegas

Nothing can boost your self-confidence more than knowing that your smile is showing off perfectly straight and shaped teeth. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t born with perfectly aligned and white teeth, and some dental treatments are often needed to correct those problems.

While in the past, if you wanted to get braces without insurance las vegas, you had to pay straight out of pocket, now multiple dental discounts offer plans or an alternative to making your treatment more affordable.

The fact is that braces are often pricey; the cost can range from $3,000 to as high as $10,000. Price varies because of several factors. Some of them include your age, complexity of the treatment you need, the severity of your problem, and the complexity of the treatment you need.

The crucial questions here are, how to save as much as possible on braces? How to get braces if you don’t have insurance? And, where can you get affordable braces?

Read this article, and you will find the answers on these and other questions concerning braces.

Dental Saving Plans

Nowadays, dental plans are getting more and more popular because anyone can get one. You just have to sign up for your dental plan, and when approved, you can start using your dental savings plan card. Show it to your dentist when you go at your appointment and get up to 60% off. This is all available for some small annual fee which can be as low as $120.

Credit Card and Payment Plans

Another way of getting more affordable braces without insurance Las Vegas is to ask your dentist to set up a payment plan for you.

More and more dentists are allowing this, especially if you don’t have insurance. Dental practices can partner with financing companies, and that can end up costing you less money with a payment plan. You can even get a low or no interest loans.

Another way is to apply for a dental loan or a credit card. Yes, you may pay more in a long time because of your interest, but you won’t have to pay all at once, and if you have misaligned teeth, that can get worse if not taken care of.


Paying in Cash

It may sound weird, but paying in cash can get you some serious discounts. Paying in cash is suitable for your dentist too, because in that way he doesn’t have to pay additional fees, and can probably offer you a discount.

You can try and negotiate, especially if you are paying in cash. Just be sure to tell your dentist when they price you that you’ll be paying in cash to consider you for a discount.

Type of Braces You Choose

Nowadays, there are many options when we talk about braces. They all vary in cost, so speak to your dentist and see which one you are eligible for and what’s the best payment option.

First, there are traditional braces. They are made of metal or ceramic wires and brackets that are attached with glue to your tooth. A wire runs through the tooth to tooth and aligns them over time. These braces can straighten more complicated cases, but they are very inconvenient, and you need to take extra care when wearing them. Traditional braces can cost several thousand dollars.

However, if you need a more comfortable way to straighten your teeth and much affordable option, you can search for invisible braces or clear aligners. The most popular one is Invisalign. These aligners go through your teeth like a dental guard; they are custom made for your teeth and a much easier and painless way to straighten misaligned teeth. Aligners gradually shift your teeth, and you will have to change them every 2 weeks, but you won’t have any discomfort while wearing them.

You can eat everything you want. There are no restrictions like with traditional braces.

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If you are interested in the whole process of getting clear braces, you should know that it is really simple. First, you will meet Dr.Racanelli, and he will make you a treatment plan and talk with you about the possible options. Then you have to visit the office for six to eight weeks, depending on your teeth condition. The whole process is stress-free and painless.

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You Can Maintain a Good Teeth Condition Even Without the Insurance

Visiting your dentist isn’t just about the perfect smile and pearly whites. It is an essential investment in your dental health that can affect your whole life. So, don’t let the lack of your insurance keep you from getting the braces that can help you maintain good teeth condition. As we mentioned above, there are a lot of possibilities if you are getting braces and don’t have insurance. Keep yourself well informed, and choose the right dentist who has knowledge and experience to give you valuable advice and perform the newest treatments.