Best dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas

Best dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, but more importantly, it is home to Dr. Richard A. Racanelli’s dental office, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas. Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas is located in Summerlin and is worth the drive for those who may live further away. After
all, who wouldn’t want as their dentist, the dentist who is arguably the best dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas working on them? Dr. Racanelli is highly educated and experienced, and his clients and peers have made him highly rated. His credibility is proven with his university experience, years of practice, excellent customer service, and positive reviews.

Before going into dentistry, Dr. Racanelli went to school. In 1997, Dr. Racanelli earned his bachelor of science in biology at Villanova University. Four years later he finished an education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. As if attending two schools wasn’t enough, Dr. Racanelli went on to pursue further education.

To ensure the quality of his work and to expand his knowledge on dentistry, Dr. Racanelli took on a fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania for one year where he refined his technique for dental implants and mouth surgeries. In his years of postgraduate study, Dr. Racanelli discovered his passion for cosmetic dentistry and made it the focus of the office he opened in Manhattan, New York. The office was known as New York Family Dental Arts. During his time on the East Coast, Dr. Racanelli became a premier provider for Invisalign. Dr. Racanelli dental office in Las Vegas is now one of the most sought after office in the area.

In 2012, Dr. Racanelli relocated to run Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas. His work with Invisalign in top notch and he is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas is well-known for customer service and comfort from the beginning to the end of each visit. Stunning Smiles’ guest lobby contains leather chairs and flat screen television sets. It also has a refreshment table with hot coffee, tea, and water. The offices for dental procedures are just as relaxing. The staff at Stunning Smiles puts great emphasis on patient comfort, which shows in an entire section on their website. Under this section, readers see that Dr. Racanelli can give them sedation via injection or swallowed medicine. He is licensed to do so, and the shots are reported to be for the most part painless. Patients can specify which treatment they want with the front offices “Comfort Menu” and “Please Handle me with Care” form. Regardless of whether you fill out either of those papers, you will be handled with care, both during your appointment and when
paying for it.

Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas has flexible payment plans to fit all financial situations. They have a prepayment option which allows a bookkeeping courtesy of five percent for appointments over seven hundred fifty dollars that are paid in full. To make paying easier, credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted. Third-party financing is available as well and offers custom monthly payments. If you do not wish to pay the office every month, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas also lets patients pay per visit. Care Credit financing is also available to those in need of it. This abundance of choices is only one of many reasons why reviews from various sources say that Dr. Racanelli and his staff go above and beyond in dental work and customer service.

Testimonials on Stunning Smiles’ website call the staff “the most professional, nice people I’ve ever run into in a dentists office,” “perfect,” “kind and careful and ‘best dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas’.” The review section also contains feedback specifically about Dr. Racanelli that said his patients were always “treated with respect” and that Racanelli was “wonderful, extremely professional and knowledgeable.” Out of close to eight hundred reviews, Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas as a whole received four point nine stars. Google gave the same review. The score Google reviews gave Stunning Smiles was a four point nine (4.9) out of one hundred eighty-three (183) reviews. and Yelp give Dr. Racenelli 5 stars also! One of the top reviewers stated that he “left with a Stunning Smile” after visiting the office. The review below said that Stunning Smiles had a “state of the art office with a friendly and comfortable feeling.” Comments focused on Dr. Racanelli described him as “always gentle and informative and does what he says” and “both professional and super attentive/efficient in his dentistry.” If you’re still not convinced that Dr. Racanelli is the best dentist in Summerlin Las Vegas, other websites may change your mind.

Dr. Racanelli has a profile on Zocdoc, a website where patients can review doctors. He gets five star reviews from users there as well as Google and his office’s website. Verified patients wrote that Dr. Racanelli “was pleasant, quite skilled and follow up as he says he would” and
“excellent.” One reviewer even typed “He is the only dentist I’m not scared of!” Dr. Racanelli and his staff receive flattering comments from various websites, and from various organizations. Stunning Smiles earned a place in the MyVegas Magazine “Top 100 Doctors and Dentists”
section. They also won the 2018 Spectrum Award. The office as a whole has received accolades, and so have specific staff members, namely Dr. Racanelli. Dr. Racanelli won the Top Dentist award in 2016, 2017, and 2018. He has been running Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas since 2012, and has years of prior experience on the other side of the country as well.

Las Vegas is the city of lights, and with dentists like Dr. Racanelli, it is also the city of pearly whites. If you want the best dentist in summerlin las vegas to work on your smile, give them a call or email at Given Dr. Racanelli’s years of
education, experience, and customer service, we can say with confidence that you’ll be in great hands.