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The lack of uniformity and symmetry of teeth is considered a disappointing situation that most of us face. There are many problems that accompany this malocclusion, especially on the psychological side. The appearance of irregular teeth weakens the confidence of someone in himself and makes him hide his smile, in addition to the problems of pronunciation and the promptness of decay caused by the overcrowding of teeth and misappropriation in relation to each other.

Can we perform Orthodontics for adults patients? This question is asked many times in our Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas clinic and the answer is YES. In the past, orthodontic treatment was limited to the treatment of teenagers and kids. There were a lot of patients who find it challenging to get used to braces and its drawbacks; however, with the advancement of technology and knowledge, it is now likely to treat grown-ups with adult braces Las Vegas and get good outcomes with little or no effect on your lifestyle. This can be achieved by our experienced Invisalign Dentist in Las Vegas, Dr. Racanelli of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas who will determine the most appropriate and the best treatment for each case.

When is Orthodontics needed?

  • One or more teeth out of their natural position of the mandible and maxilla.
  • Increase or decrease the tooth size so that it does not match the sizes of the teeth adjacent to it.
  • The presence of gaps in-between the teeth.
  • The dimensions of the upper arch are larger than the lower or the opposite, leading to the problem of malocclusion, which in turn causes the emergence of one of the jaws abnormally affecting the appearance of the patient, and how to pronounce and chew food.

Adult orthodontic treatment usually takes longer than children, and the estimated duration is two years in some cases depending on the stage of the problem because adult bones do not grow like children, in some cases, it may be necessary to combine orthodontic and orthopedic surgery if there is asymmetry or dislocation in bones.

Adult braces Las Vegas orthodontics tend to be aesthetically considerate and provide a more appealing look such as transparent and ceramics braces as well as wires coated with white material that hide the dark color of the metal.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is considered an investment for life

The most important benefits of orthodontic treatment include:

[1] Improving the appearance and smile.

[2] Treat the problems of mild apnea.

[3] Correct the occlusion of the teeth, and the problems of TMJ.

How does Orthodontics work?

Orthodontics work by pressing on the teeth to move to their proper position, improving their appearance and function, and helps to maintain the health of teeth, gums, and the joints of the jaw on the long term.

Different types of Orthodontics

  • Orthodontic conventional Brackets

Stainless steel brackets are installed on the surfaces of the teeth using an adhesive, and then connect these pillars using a thin metal arch wire. Attention to the food eaten, especially foods that resemble chewing gum and caramel, most of these foods stick to the surface of the brackets and might lead to an increase in the risk of decay.

Ceramic Braces

Most adults are keen on a more elegant appearance and prefer to have a more aesthetic appearance than the usual metal braces. It is made of porcelain with a high degree of transparency and purity, with no difference between color and color of natural teeth, making the orthodontic treatment non-remarkable, and achieving a high degree of aesthetics.

The drawbacks lie in the fact that ceramic is also more prone to breakage than metal, especially in people with high chewing strength. There is also the transparent brackets, which although don’t show, yet, plastic orthodontics tend to change their color over time.

-Lingual Orthodontics

This kind of orthodontics is attached from the inside of the teeth in a way that it can’t be seen, and it can also use transparent brackets. It is preferred to use in the case of patients with their teeth moving to the inside. Lingual brackets will push the teeth forward and put them back to their natural place, which in turn causes the expansion of the jaw bone.

This type of orthodontic treatment is quite similar to the traditional orthodontics, but it is placed on the inner surface of the teeth which makes it invisible and which adds to it an aesthetic advantage that most adults prefer. It requires a skilled and highly qualified doctor, and this is provided in our Las Vegas clinic.

Lingual orthodontics has a disadvantage, which is that it doesn’t fit the teeth of small sizes, and sometimes annoys the tongue.

What is the age limit for lingual orthodontics?

There is no limit, provided the periodontal tissues are fundamentally intact, i.e. the teeth are still fixed relatively firm in the bone. There is a common belief that braces are suitable only for children and adolescents. People might say that it is too late for them, but they are often misguided. Even patients in their sixties can be treated effectively with fixed lingual appliances.

Invisalign – Ask Dr. Racanelli a question about Invisalign Here

It can only be used with adults with superior outcomes provided, with the invisible orthodontic device. It is made of entirely transparent plastic and perfectly matches the patient’s mouth. It is made specifically for the patient to match the shape of his mouth and the coordination of his teeth.

Adult braces maintenance

Cleaning the teeth during the orthodontic treatment is very important, for both the success of treatment and the protection of your teeth and gums. It is very important to clean your teeth with a brush and paste containing fluoride and remove any food remnants that may be stuck after every meal. It is also useful to use a mouthwash containing fluoride because it reaches the places that the toothbrush can’t reach.

Adult braces Las Vegas focuses on the location of the teeth, what has triggered them to reach their existing position and what future measures may be required so that the patient’s teeth are fully efficient in functional means?

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